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Every General Contractor Company in San Diego started in the mind of one person; the character of that person will always be the defining image of that company. From a very young age Vince Dominick was able to see the true value in coming through for people.

Working with his father; Mr. Lawrence Dominick always satisfied his customers in all aspects of the projects through coordinated effort. Striving for the most extensive pre-job planning habits; High quality professional labor, the highest quality materials without wasting client’s investment capital, and all around doing what you say and saying what you do when acting as a contractor in San Diego. Mr. Lawrence Dominick had a saying that would stick with Vince his entire life to this day, “Always under promise and over deliver regardless of work or play”.

That concept would prove true to Vince as he would see not only his father’s customers satisfied time and time again but also the laborers that his father proudly labeled his “teammates”. Mr. Vince Dominick has taken these concepts and adopted them as his own, in fact taking them to new levels of commitment, which is why we are sure you will find Infinity Construction to be one of the most valuable companies in the industry. Not because of net worth but because of the constant auto suggestion of investments into people like you and I.

After many years with his father, Mr. Vince Dominick had felt he had reached his pinnacle as the superintendent for his father’s company running crews of up to 150 men. He had acted as a liaison for management to ensure the construction process was fast, efficient and on time, he was very effective at his duties. Knowing he wished to follow in his father’s footsteps he worked to earn a BA in Business Administration, Law and Business in the mist of his management commitment. In 1989 Mr. Dominick took the leap and founded Infinity Construction.

Since then he has established his company as one of the industry’s leaders in General Construction of Southern California. Mr. Dominick has always taken the middle of the road approach and still accepts jobs in the range of $25,000 up to at times $10 or even $15,000,000.00 projects. Committing to each the same until the said project is completed regardless of the dollar amount.

Since the establishment of the company Mr. Dominick has managed well over $70,000,000.00 in General Building Construction. Almost entirely a referral based business I’m sure you can agree that is quite amazing considering his humble beginnings as a young man. All of this is done through coordinated effort and teamwork with our clients. Whether it be a Rancho Santa Fe general contractor, acting as a custom home builder Encinitas, as an Oceanside concrete contractor, designing your landscape Mira Mesa or a Solana Beach room addition expert, managing a large development project.

Vince has made it his definite purpose in life to reach all of his goals; obviously business accomplishments have been no stranger to his life but more importantly to be a devote and loving husband and father raising 3 honor student of which 2 are now attending college on full academic and athletic scholarships.

If you are considering hiring a general contractor it could not hurt to receive a free consultation from Infinity Construction. Not only is the consultation free but you will meet Vince himself. I quote: “Being involved from the very beginning is the only way I know how; I like to meet my customers face to face which is why I keep my company this size. I’m not out to make a fortune, just a nice life for my wife and kids. Which is why I stay reasonable in size and very competitive in my pricing” So regardless of what type or size of project you’re looking to have completed, If you need us to fill the shoes of an Oceanside garage builder, a Carlsbad custom home builder, a home improvement contractor Encinitas, a swimming pool contractor Delmar, a remodel contractor Mira Mesa, a Solana Beach new home builder or a home remodel Rancho Santa Fe. We have the experience to change hats for any customers’ needs. If you are still not convinced then please take a look at our portfolio as a Residential Contractor, Commercial Contractor and an Industrial Contractor.

At Infinity Construction with almost 25 years of experience as a company there is no problem we cannot solve. No matter how complex the issue, if looked at and approached from the right angle anything can be accomplished, almost always without breaking the bank.

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